Falling Chaplin

Falling Chaplin
Falling Chaplin
Falling Chaplin

Retro styled B&W theme with the most famous Comedy Legend Charlie Chaplin!

Falling Chaplin – Vintage Odyssey brings you an interesting gameplay environment with a black and white theme. Save falling Chaplin from the mechanical part and don’t let the comedy star to hit them.

Press and hold on the screen and let the Chaplin go down without touching the obstacles! Hold as long as possible to make a combo and break the mechanical parts.

Falling Chaplin has an interesting mechanical theme and graphics. You will be pro in a few clicks and addictive to play a hyper-casual game. 100+ interesting level to complete with calm and attractive music sound.

Experience your tapping skills and save dropping Chaplin

Feature to play Chaplin:-

• One-tap retro-style black and white Theme
• Easy to play and get pro in a few clicks
• Chaplin flying in Mechanical Prats
• Save dropping Chaplin for more levels
• Comedy star flying with an umbrella
• 100+ exciting levels to save falling Chaplin
• Interesting graphics and animation to play

How to play falling Chaplin:-

Chaplin Retro style black and white theme game is straightforward to play. Players will be addicted in a few taps to play more levels a single tap on the screen to save Chaplin from mechanical types of equipment.

Make a high score by keeping dropping Chaplin from mechanical parts. You have to cross 100 of the exciting levels to complete by saving falling Chaplin. You will feel your self addicted to helping to lower Chaplin from a lot of mechanical parts.

Attractive graphics and themes will make your interest to prove your tapping skills.

Chaplin is made of mechanical parts and he has to make his way as far down as he can.
Your Job is to keep Chaplin away from the obstacles in his path and help him reach the end. Are You Up For the challenge?