These Are Our


Game 01

Falling Chaplin

Retro styled B&W theme with the most famous Comedy Legend Charlie Chaplin!

Falling Chaplin – Vintage Odyssey brings you an interesting gameplay environment with a black and white theme. Save falling Chaplin from the mechanical part and don’t let the comedy star to hit them.

Press and hold on the screen and let the Chaplin go down without touching the obstacles! Hold as long as possible to make a combo and break the mechanical parts.

Falling Chaplin has an interesting mechanical theme and graphics. You will be pro in a few clicks and addictive to play a hyper-casual game. 100+ interesting level to complete with calm and attractive music sound.

Game 02

Magic Wand Shooting

Practice your aim by shooting targets with your magic wand. Pass the time by passing the endless levels. The difficulty will continue to improve the more levels you pass. How many levels can you pass before you cannot pass anymore? Can you go on forever?

Game 03

Ice Tower Climber

Break the ice with the ball to go up. Pass or hit the highest ice block of the tower to move on to the next level. There are hundreds of levels to pass, each harder than the last. This is an incredibly addictive and satisfying game!

Game 04


Find your way through the dark by illuminating your way, reach as far as you can!